Best Networking Tips for Agents

In many industries, networking has become a staple for success and real estate is no exception. Knowing how to network effectively is essential for creating streams of active referrals. While it is possible to be successful without networking, it is much easier and more valuable to build relationships that can continuously funnel potential clients to your services. Here are some of the best networking tips to incorporate into your real estate business.

Attend Conferences and Industry Events

Real estate is a fairly wide industry, dipping its toes in a little bit of everything. There is a multitude of conferences, seminars, and events within the industry geared toward educating consumers about homeownership. Take advantage of these free events as an opportunity to market your services.

You can also look for professional conferences that enable you to meet other professionals in the industry. Again, real estate is pretty broad so try to build rapport with professionals in adjacent markets that can refer clients looking to purchase in your market or vice versa.

Engage Your Local Community

Building rapport with your local community builds trust and increases brand recognition. There are a couple of big ways you can get the word out about your real estate business.

First, consider your local chamber of commerce. It can create a platform that not only actively promotes your business but builds your credibility within the community.

Second, if you have children then take advantage of their school. Use after school events or even PTA meetings as an opportunity to network and drum up a new business. Parents can relate to other parents. This can even lead to connections within the school administration itself.

Lastly, consider volunteering time with local community organizations and not-for-profit groups. Participating in these groups shows character, builds trust and can be another source of leads. Just remember to be genuine.

Remember to Smile

It can seem a bit silly but smiling is infectious. Not only is it a non-verbal cue for pleasantry, but it also lightens the atmosphere within a room. Smiling has a tremendous effect on first impressions and a potential client’s perception of you and your business.

According to Entreprenuer Media, smiling has a huge impact on a business as “it creates a jovial base of clients who will continue using the service” where “the more the business owner smiles, the better the clients feel. The better they feel, the longer they live, and the longer they continue being loyal customers1.” The same goes for partners you want to send you business. Smile from the get-go and you may find more business coming your way.

Just Like Baseball, Make Sure to Follow Through

It’s hard to believe but some agents go through all the work to build a relationship, market their services, gain potential leads and then never follow up. According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2018 “39% of sellers who used a real estate agent found their agents through a referral by friends or family, and 24% used the agent they previously worked with to buy or sell a home2.” So, if you never follow through with one lead, you could be throwing away hundreds of other future leads. Take the time to reach out and maximize your potential for success.

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