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Top Tasks Real Estate Agents Can Do During a Quarantine to Keep Their Business Moving Forward

In December, 2019, a quarantine for the COVID-19 virus was the last thing probably any of us expected. But here we are in March, 2020, and it’s really happening. So taking lemons and turning them into lemonade is something we should strive for. Here is a list of top tasks real estate agents can do during a quarantine to keep their business moving forward and to be ready for when the quarantine ends.

Update Your CRM System

There is no better time than now to scroll through your CRM system (Customer Relationship Management System, or database of customers). Ensure all the contact info is correct, enter those you haven’t entered yet and make sure their statuses are correct (buyer, seller, past customer, etc). Your database should be one of your top priorities in your business since it’s where most of your business can come from.

Handwritten Note Cards

Now is a great time to brush up on your handwriting skills. Once you’ve updated your CRM system, think of those people you haven’t touched base with recently. It might be a great time to send them a handwritten note card. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a nice note that says you are thinking of them and hope they are doing well. Include two business cards in each note card. Commit to sending out 20 each week of the quarantine. You can even buy postage online, so no need to leave the house.

Call Them

For those people in your database that you didn’t choose to write a handwritten note card to, calling them might be another option. A phone call is free, and shows them you care. Pick the ones that you would enjoy speaking with and aren’t going to set a negative tone based on the circumstances of the virus. If you need to let them know you care, but don’t want to talk to them directly, check out the app SlyDial. This app allows you to call someone, however their phone never rings. Instead, it sends you straight through to their voicemail so you can leave them a message that you care. It’s “calling them” without talking to them. Mission accomplished!

Future Mailers

Now is also a great time to focus on future mail-out campaigns. If you know you want to send a postcard or mailer during July 4th, but never seem to get time year after year, schedule it! You can upload your design or choose one from the company and pick your mailing date on the calendar. They will then print and mail at the time you selected. No more worrying about it when the time comes because you’ve automated the process. One of my favorites is

Surprise CMA’s

Do you think your customers might want to know the value of their home? Now might be the perfect time to send them an updated CMA with their value. Who knows, all this time at home might have them thinking about upgrading. Just send them a quick email with their CMA and a nice cover letter.

Social Media

Tired of the negativity on social media? Me too…but there is a task that can come in handy during these times. You can schedule future social media posts without having to scroll through all the negativity on the feeds. Using, you can schedule up to 30 future posts on up to 3 channels for free. So go ahead, prep your posts for fall back time changes and holiday greetings.


Setting up or reviewing your goals is a must! During a quarantine, you have plenty of time to research, think, review, update and so on. So what will you accomplish? Maybe this list of things to do during a quarantine can be a good start for your goals!

Bonus Ideas

Here is a list of some other notable ideas to consider during this quarantine:

  1. Update your website
  2. Research new technology, software and apps
  3. Read…everyday…something besides the news articles! Books, blogs, etc that expand your mind and promote new ideas!
  4. Review your MLS daily hot sheet
  5. Watch educational videos. Here is where you can find some:
    1. Cynthia’s YouTube Channel
    1. Florida Realtors Take 5 Videos
  6. Take Online Courses. For a limited time, I’m offering my online trainings for FREE during the quarantine. This is a limited time offer for the next 15 days, so take advantage of it!
    1. Cynthia’s Online School

Last But Not Least…

Stay positive! There are so many good things that come from this quarantine. People helping people, time to work on your business, spending quality time with family…enjoy the moment and don’t let the stress of the news and media consume you. Stay well!

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