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Unless you are living under a rock you know social media has been heavily adopted into society and culture today. That makes social media yet another platform to engage new prospective clients. Some may argue it is one of the most important things an agent can do to market their services.

The National Association of Realtors notes that 47% of real estate businesses cite social media as the source for the highest quality leads1. The trick is finding the most effective methods of incorporating social media into your marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the top social media marketing tips for real estate agents.

Post On Popular Platforms

While there are so many social media platforms to choose from stick to the most recommended platforms with some of the highest traffic amongst consumers. In 2018, realtors cited Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram as the top picked platforms to market their services1.

Facebook continues to have a broad influence today and can segment your marketing efforts by specific demographics. With the introduction of Facebook Live, you can now engage buyers in real time, answer questions, and even perform walkthroughs of current listings. Facebook events are another excellent tool, especially when trying to generate attendees for open house events.

LinkedIn is also a popular platform to network with other industry professionals including lenders, developers, and insurance agents. Creating a separate profile for your business allows you to share opportunities and expand your online presence, while boosting your potential for new referrals.

Lastly, Instagram has gained favorability with younger consumers which is an opportunity to market your services to one of the largest demographics seeking to become homeowners. Make sure to keep posts simple, using high quality photos and incorporating listing updates into your Instagram Stories.

Don’t Forget The Hashtag

Hashtags have gone from niche to mainstream over the last decade. They have evolved into a tool that can bring mass awareness to a particular topic or issue. Take, for example, the #MeToo which is used to raise awareness about sexual assault and harassment2. Thus, hashtags are now a staple for compartmentalizing information while catching the interest of scrolling consumers. The trick is coming up with something short, catchy, and that relates directly to the topic or post.

Consider using the #curbappeal or #locationlocationlocation, which are common expressions but are also an effective way to relay to consumers that they should be looking at a particular property. You should start incorporating hashtags on all platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also consider using emojis to accompany your hashtag. You can find specific apps geared toward real estate emojis that make them more applicable and relevant to business posts.

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

It’s no secret that you want to incorporate eye-popping, high quality photos of any property you are trying to market. Not only do they encourage consumers to ‘like’ and share, but they also compel people to reach out to you. Filters can sometimes be your best friend, by accenting a property’s key features and mimicking a brighter, homey space3.

Properties are not the only thing you should post pictures of. Consider posting pictures of new clients or snapshots of testimonials that lend to your success and credibility3. In short, these posts can do the talking for you and lead to some quality referrals.

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