Tools to Effectively Host an Online Meeting with Zoom

With all the rapid changes around us, it’s important to shift the way we do business. Many of us are using the platform Zoom, which can open doors and break down distance by offering online virtual meetings with our customers. With this new technology comes new responsibilities of professionalism, and we want to think about our surroundings when using an online meeting platform.


While some computers might offer built in microphones, many do not come packaged with them. When considering a microphone, the price ranges all over the gamut. A microphone should contain features such as noise cancellation and studio-quality audio. For the price, check out the Blue Snowball microphone, which offers a simple USB connection and plug-and-play operation. While it’s super easy to use, it packs high quality and affordability together.


Now to dive into camera options. You want to look good on camera without breaking the bank. Many computers come with a webcam built in, but the picture tends to be grainy at best. If you want a high-quality look, for an affordable price, check out the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. This camera easily mounts on your computer monitor or on a tripod stand. Note: Even though this webcam comes with a microphone, sound is important with your meetings. With the Blue Snowball microphone you can move it closer to you if needed.


Besides having a great camera to get you started on your virtual meetings, lighting can make a big difference in how you look. You don’t want any bright lights in the background of you. Don’t sit in front of a window that’s bright or outside with your back to the sun. Always have your lighting in front of you. When working inside, you have the most control over your lighting. Don’t rely on overhead room light fixtures when for a great price you can have professional studio quality lighting. LimoStudio is a popular brand that offers 3 lights at various heights along with a carrying case. Don’t skip the lighting or your participants will know.

Sound Proofing Your Environment

Dogs bark, phones ring, the delivery driver rings your doorbell…There’s loads of noises from the outside world that are out of your control. I was on a Zoom call once when my lawn guy showed up mowing directly outside my office space. Take the time and energy to soundproof your environment. Check out these soundproof pads from True North.

Last But Not Least…

Don’t forget your Zoom account. Zoom offers a free account, which you can host meetings only on for up to 40 minutes long. Once you hit the 40-minute mark, it automatically ends the meeting. If you want to upgrade to have longer virtual visits, check out their pricing options.

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