Current Apps and Tools for Agents On the Go

As a real estate agent, you have to be incredibly mobile to be successful. Whether you are meeting a new client at a showing or meeting existing clients at a closing, it can be challenging to get work accomplished in a formal office setting.

Agents today need to be able to adapt to an evolving business environment by embracing digital tools that allow you to work on the go. Here are some current apps and tools worth considering to incorporate into your real estate tool kit.


As a seasoned agent, you should have a deep knowledge of your local real estate market, however you can’t know everything. Buyers sometimes have a knack for coming up with strange and unique questions about a property or local attractions. If you find yourself frequently fumbling over these types of questions, consider using Sitegeist. 

Sitegeist is a mobile app available for free on both iOS and Android devices. It uses publicly available information based on your specific location to provide data on your surroundings1. For example, it can provide meaningful data on local demographics, income trends, and even housing data. If a client asks about the noise level from a local highway down the street, you can research and quickly answer local traffic patterns for that highway and provide an insightful response to their query.

Sitegeist is a nice go-to when you need some reference data about a particular neighborhood or town. Since it’s free, it should be a no brainer addition to your tool kit.


BoundaryViewer is a fun little tool developed in 2017 by BoundaryViewer LLC, that fuses GIS and augmented reality into a single mobile application. Similar to Sitegeist, it uses publicly available data points to project property boundary lines through your smartphone camera view2.

So how does this apply to real estate? Say a client asks you where a listed property line ends and the neighbors begins. Instead of guessing, give them a knowledgeable and accurate answer by pulling out BoundaryViewer and walking them directly to the corner pin. According to their website, it “simplifies a realtor’s job and enhances the customer experience2.” Prospective clients will be mind blown by this tool and it will make you seem more resourceful and tech savvy.

PalmAgent One

Let’s face it, most buyers will not be paying the full purchase price for a new home in cash. The majority will need to secure a mortgage from a lender. But people forget sometimes that there is a cost with securing financing. It can be hard to factor in just how much it costs or sometimes buyers don’t even remember this as an expense when they go to apply. Whether your client will be applying for a new mortgage or not, it’s always good to have some knowledge of the application process and the associated costs.

If you are looking for a quick mortgage calculator on the go, consider PalmAgent One. This mobile app provides quick and accurate estimates to help your buyers understand what buying that new home could cost in terms of a monthly principal and interest payment and other related costs3. On the flip side, if you have a seller looking to net a certain amount from a sale, PalmAgent One also lets you crunch those numbers and provide a net sheet for your motivated seller.

The app also integrates a couple of other nifty features and is available on both iOS and Android devices3.

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