2 Things Every Real Estate Broker Needs When Interviewing Agents

Finally. You have been calling and calling on a sales associate that you would really like to recruit into your company. They have finally agreed to meet with you. This is so exciting!

This is your time to shine, to show your value, build trust, and let the associate envision themselves joining your brokerage. So how do you do that?

Do you know there are 2 things that every real estate broker needs when interviewing potential new agents to join the brokerage? Let’s dive in.

1. Pre-Interview Package

The first thing every broker should have when recruiting and interviewing agents is a pre-interview package. This should always be delivered immediately after the appointment is set for the interview before you meet.

This package should contain lots of valuable information to get the agent excited about your company, you, and the possibility of joining the brokerage.

Not sure what should be in your pre-interview package, or how it should look? Check out my online course Recruiting for Success.

2. A Visual Presentation

Next, every broker should have a visual presentation to go over with the potential new agent. Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners1 so make sure you can engage them with a visual presentation. This should have lots of high-quality pictures and images and should get them agent excited about your company and the possibility of joining.

In this visual presentation, you want to show off your company, market share, info about the broker and managers, marketing, and other important information. During this interview, the associate needs to get a good idea of what it would be like to work for the brokerage. Using power words and phrases, such as “when you join the company” instead of “if you join the company” can have a big impact on the end decision of the agent. If you want this agent to be a part of your brokerage, make sure you are positive and determined! Some examples of power phrases could be:

When you have your first closing with us…

When you login to your new CRM system we offer…

Once you acquire your next listing, we will…

At our next sales meeting, you…

When you access our database of virtual trainings, you will see…

During the interview, many agents want to jump immediately into discussing commission splits or fees but hold that discussion until the very end. You must sell your value first! Think of a listing presentation with a seller. If you jump right into commission, they are not paying attention to anything else you say after the numbers come out. The agent needs to know what they get in exchange for what they pay the brokerage in fees or commission splits, so make sure they understand the value first.

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