What’s on Your Daily Agent Checklist?

The early bird gets the worm, or in this case the sale. It’s not uncommon for many real estate agents to start their day earlier than most professionals, in an effort to get a jump on their daily tasks ahead of them. Dedicated agents typically have a daily checklist they run through to manage many aspects of their business.

In fact, most agents have to wear multiple hats. Many consumers epitomize real estate agents as silver-tongued salespeople. While it’s true that sales are a big part of their business, but, real estate agents also do everything from marketing and administrative work, to bookkeeping.

Let’s take a look at some of the important tasks that real estate agents face on a daily basis and are crucial to growing your business. Then you can decide for yourself what tasks you might consider adding to your daily routine.

Review Your Daily Hot Sheets

Hot sheets are an agent’s best friend and their review should be a daily ritual for any dedicated and successful real estate practice. The bottom line is that agents should know their markets. Hot sheets are the best way to stay informed on pricing and status changes within your sphere of influence. You never know what the next client might need, and as clients’ tastes change and lifestyles evolve, it’s important to keep pace with a growing and dynamic customer base.

Attend Open Houses (Yours and Others)

Networking is an essential tool for any successful real estate business and open houses create a forum to not only meet new clients, but to also make contacts with potential referral sources, as well as other agents and brokers. If you want to be successful in real estate, you cannot be afraid to meet new people. Being able to strike up a conversation makes you seem engaging, proactive, and personable.

Scheduling New Client Meetings and Appointments

When you do find common ground with a new lead or prospect, set an appointment! The only way you will grow your business is if you are proactive, which in some cases means asking your potential client for their business. Setting up an appointment doesn’t guarantee a sale, but it gives you the opportunity to strengthen that relationship and further market your services. It’s not a bad goal to try and set at least one appointment a day.

Track Listings on the MLS

This may seem like a given, but you would be surprised how many agents do not track the MLS on a daily basis. Tracking listings is essential because it gives you more information about how prices are changing and in what areas properties are moving. Data is always a key factor to making educated and actionable steps in growing your business, so why overlook one of the best resources at your disposal? Consider spending at least an hour each day familiarizing yourself with market updates and trends.

Post to Social Media

Engaging consumers through social media is almost a requirement in today’s real estate environment. If you are not using social media, make it a habit of posting on various channels at least once a day. Consider integrating Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter into your marketing plan. LinkedIn is also a great tool to help you network with other industry professionals.

Social media is a cheap and effective way to market your services and get more referrals. Posting vivid photos or short videos is a great way to attract new clients, of which the majority begin their property search online.

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