7 Home Design Trends That Continue to Attract Buyers

Guest Blog by Margaret Owens.

The situation with the coronavirus has lead to a massive upsurge in demand for real estate. While in-person open houses can be problematic at the moment, virtual tours are more than adequate during this time. However, to maximize sales throughout this period, every agent should know the home design trends that continue to attract buyers. We are also here to help you out by sharing some timeless trends that will enable you to sell each property in no time and for the best possible price.

1. Eco-Friendly Features

We all know that home design trends come and go. However, something that will definitely keep attracting buyers in years to come is the eco-friendly features. It is simple – buyers want more sustainable homes. Such houses can help them conserve energy and, in turn, save money.

Therefore, consider advising your clients to make some eco-friendly changes both on the inside and the outside of their homes. For example, using reclaimed wood for the flooring, replacing those regular light bulbs with energy-efficient ones, buying water and energy-conserving appliances, etc. 

Let your clients know that investing in eco-friendly features will be an expensive project, but only initially. Later on, that investment will pay itself off, as they will be able to sell their home for a higher price, and the buyers will be able to save some money they would otherwise spend on utilities.

2. Closed Floor Plans

For a long time, open floor concepts ruled the home design trends. While they make the space bigger and often more visually appealing, they seem to be going out of style. Closed floor plans attract more buyers nowadays, thanks to their practicality. Having walls around the kitchen area keeps the cooking smells and the kitchen mess out of the rest of your home.

An open floor plan can also often be a safety hazard is there are small children in the home, as it provides them with easy access to potentially dangerous areas of the kitchen. Finally, substantial open spaces can often feel very cold – both figuratively and literally. A closed floor plan is one of the home design trends that continue to attract buyers because it is much cozier.

3. Outdoor Spaces

Everyone appreciates having an outdoor space as a part of their home. That can be a yard, a garden, a patio, or even a balcony. When buyers enter a house with a lovely outdoor space, they immediately envision themselves relaxing there, having a family barbecue, inviting their friends over for dinner, etc. So, incorporating some of the outdoor spaces mentioned above can really make a difference.

However, in most cases, just having an outdoor space will not be enough. Your clients need to ‘dress it up’ when showing the property, even if doing so virtually. There are many budget-friendly and easy ways to do that – upgrade the tiles, add some outdoor furniture, plant trees and flowers, and make extra room for children and pets to play.

4. Home Offices

The year 2020 has shown us that working from home is achievable. With that in mind, many new potential buyers will look for a home office (or at least room for it) when buying a house.

Therefore, if there is an empty room in the house you are trying to sell, suggest to potential buyers that it can be turned into an office. You can make the place easier to visualize by adding a desk or some basic office supplies. If the attic can be used for this purpose as well, make sure to mention it while showing the property.

5. Storage Solutions

Storage can never go out of style! It is a necessity for every household. That is why houses that have garages, attics, basements, or sheds sell quickly. If the home you are trying to sell lacks these features, recommend that the current owners add some storage solutions on the inside. For instance, they can add custom shelves, bigger closets, deeper cabinets, and add versatile furniture. Moreover, they should try to create space where there isn’t one – under the stairs, or somewhere vertical.

Keep in mind that all homebuyers want to avoid clutter, one way or another. Thus, your clients should try to do as much as they can to create some storage solutions inside the home. However, if there is simply no space in the house to make these kinds of alterations, look for storage units nearby, and make an effort to mention it to potential buyers. This can be an especially appealing feature for those with large families.

6. Neutral and Pastel Colors

These days, everybody wants a home with a neutral and pastel color pallet. Colors like white, beige, gray, light yellow, light green, and similar should be on every wall and piece of furniture and decor.

This is important because it gives potential buyers a chance to envision themselves living there. It also allows them to move in right away without renovating and clearing the past owner’s ‘traces’. Advise your clients to repaint the walls before the virtual tour and make the home they are trying to sell more neutral.

7. Laundry Rooms

Without a doubt, every household needs a laundry room. Washing dirty clothes in some other place is not practical, and going to a Laundromat a couple of times a week is a nuisance. Needless to say – the laundry room is a must as it clears the clutter, keeps away the noise and the smells, and saves time, money, and energy.

Having a laundry room is a great bonus, one that will help you sell the home quickly and for the best possible price. Moreover, it is an amenity that will benefit both the seller and the buyer. So, if your client’s budget allows it and there is some extra space in the home, they should consider creating a separate room used only for laundry.

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