3 Goals to Grow Your Brokerage in 2021

As this year comes to an end, I am sure we are all very thankful to see 2020 in the rearview mirror. As we start thinking about 2021 and all the hope it brings, we start to consider our goals. Goals are so important to make sure that our company is heading in the direction which we want it to. Goals also help keep us on track for those things that we need to accomplish to be successful. So, have you considered your goals for 2021? What would you like your brokerage company to accomplish? Let’s go through our list of the top 3 items every brokerage should have within their goals for 2021 to grow your brokerage.

Goal Number 1

The first goal should be to recruit more agents. Recruiting is essential to not only grow but to maintain your company. You see, each year, real estate agents decide to move to “greener grass”. If you are not recruiting, agents might leave your company and you have no one to replace them. Pretty soon, you are just a company of yourself. Recruiting should always be at the forefront of every brokerage. Not sure how to interview agents? Check out the blog post 2 Things Every Real Estate Broker Needs When Interviewing Agents. Another resource available is the on-demand course Recruiting for Success. You can check it out here.

Goal Number 2

Another goal you should always stay on top of are the expenses of the company. Expenses can get out of hand quickly. If you aren’t tracking your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses, then it won’t matter how much money the company makes. The simple math is that you cannot spend more than you make. So, keep your expenses in check and always stay as lean as possible when it comes to letting go of your money.

Goal Number 3

The third goal that every broker should focus on is increasing your revenue. This means focusing on ways to increase your overall sales. Of course, you cannot have more sales without more buyers and sellers. In what ways can your company attract more sellers to list with you? Are there incentives you can offer your agents to kick start their 2021, like maybe a contest with prizes? Looking for some contest ideas? Check out this article from REALTOR® Magazine titled 10 Great Sales Contests.

To recap, do not let 2021 pass by without setting some intentional goals for your brokerage company. Success doesn’t happen on accident, so set your course with intention!

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” -Zig Ziglar

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