6 Common Questions Clients Have Before Selling Their Home

Guest blog by Margaret Owens

When selling their homes, hiring a real estate agent is often the first task on people’s list. Right after that, they will want some reassurance that they are making the right decisions. So, they will start by asking a few questions. While some are to be anticipated, like the best price they can get for their house, they might also be interested in the home design trends that continue to attract buyers. And a professional real estate agent needs to have the answers ready. However, the questions different people have are usually similar and consistent. Therefore, we are going to go over six common questions clients have before selling their home. They can be a guideline for real estate agents but also serve as pointers for sellers.

Reasons behind the questions clients have before selling their home

Naturally, sellers want to make sure they are protected. To do so, during the home selling stage, they will look for reassurance and advice from real estate agents. When moving, they will look for ways to protect themselves during relocation, and they will discuss all the issues with their moving companies. If this is their first time or they are inexperienced, it’s normal that they want to feel as secure as it is attainable.

Selling a home is probably the most important financial decision the clients have made. Since there’s a lot of money involved, they don’t want to make a mistake they could avoid. For this reason, they will ask their agents questions they feel will equip them with all the necessary information. Here is what they most commonly are.

When should I sell my home?

While this is a popular question, real estate agents don’t always agree on the answer. Some will say that the time is right the minute you have decided to ask such a question. However, this is not always a straight answer.

When selling their home, sellers want to get the best price and sell quickly. But the answer to the question when that may be is not that simple. Generally speaking, spring is considered the best time to put a house on the market, but it’s possible to achieve excellent results in all seasons with agents who do their job well. Therefore, it would be best for sellers to determine when it’s most convenient for them and make sure they are ready for this step. Each season has its advantages. If clients have the right agent on their side, there are ways to get the most of every sale.

Should I leave my home empty or stage it?

The best answer to this is to find the golden middle. While a staged home usually sells more quickly, it’s prudent not to go overboard with personalized details. Therefore, it would be best for the clients to use this occasion to get rid of unwanted stuff. Since they are selling their home, they will have to move to a new location. The move is going to be much easier and more economical with fewer items.

The goal of decluttering and finding the right balance is that buyers can envision themselves living there, not another family. Personal items can be distracting. Moreover, a dirty house will put buyers off. The only ones who would consider buying a filthy home are bargain seekers. They’re only interested in this kind of home to get a good deal, which is why a bit of good advice from a real estate agent to a seller would be to clean their house thoroughly and remove personalized details and clutter.

How much is my home worth, and how do you calculate the value?

Many factors affect the price of homes. To get a ballpark figure, agents will compare similar properties in the area, which can be found online. However, there’s more to it than just checking a popular site with average prices of properties.

The goal of setting the value is to come to a price that a buyer will most likely be willing to pay. Real estate agents can help with this since they know the market. Comparable sales are used to determine the value, but real estate agents will also do a full comparative market analysis. Most importantly, real estate agents will use the prices of sold comps. However, as comps are rarely identical, agents need to compare the properties with specific points in mind. For starters, the square footage is a significant factor. Equally relevant are the condition and the age of the home. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms can also affect the price of the property. However, other external factors that are out of sellers’ hands are also noteworthy, for instance, the neighborhood and the school district’s appeal.

What can I do to prepare my house for sale?

Real estate agents advise sellers on what they can do to prepare the house for sale. First of all, it’s necessary to carry out all major repairs. Plumbing problems or faulty wires are on the top of the list of priorities. Missing tiles, stained walls should also be taken care of. Also, a seller should replace broken door handles and address similar minor issues, as these are cheap fixes that can make the home more pleasing. A well-maintained home is more enticing.

When it comes to more extensive renovations, agents can help their clients decide if they should invest in these repairs or not. They can turn out more costly than expected, so the client needs to know if the repairs or investing in some amenities will benefit the sale. They will undoubtedly increase property value. Nevertheless, it is imperative to determine if the sale will cover the expenses of more extensive work and if the seller will make a profit.

Do I need the service of a real estate agent?

There are many benefits of hiring a real estate agent, and an agent should highlight them when answering this question. Firstly, a professional will use their expertise to help sellers set an accurate property price. Moreover, they will secure a placid sale within the desired time frame. In many ways, agents will make the sellers’ lives more comfortable during this endeavor.

How much will it cost to sell my home?

One of the inevitable questions is related to the costs of this process. The precise sum depends on multiple factors and the circumstances. Typical expenses include a real estate commission fee, a title search, an instrument survey, and the costs of repairs or inspections.

This list of common questions clients have before selling their home will allow agents to know what to expect before their next meeting and, thus, prepare well. On the other hand, new sellers too can benefit from them as they will know what to ask.

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