Don’t Starve Between Real Estate Clients

You just had an awesome experience with a client. They love you. Even with their complete satisfaction in your job, getting repeat business with this particular client can take quite some time. Think about how often it will be before they need you again? If they don’t move again for 12 years, will you starve in between? If you don’t have a lineup of clients working with you regularly, you may be in for a long wait before your next transaction.

It is okay to define your target customers and hinge your real estate career on them. But what happens during the periods when they do not want to buy or sell houses? And if they decide to hibernate their real estate activities for some years, what will become of you? Will you be financially buoyant enough to wait for them, or is starvation a likelihood for your career?

If your career’s future is threatened with a famine whenever two or more customers of yours pause their real estate transactions, take a look at the following:

Promote Your Business Everyday

By every day, I mean every single day. You’ll likely starve if you wait until your current real estate transaction is about to end before promoting your business. Creating awareness about what you do should not be a one-off activity. It should be done at every chance you get.

For example, you can comfortably give your business cards to the guests in an open house you’re hosting. What about when you’re out and about, like grocery shopping or pumping gas? Basically, in your usual day-to-day activities always look at ways to share your business card.

Go For Clients in the Client Business

If you prefer reaching your potential clients directly and waiting for them to need you, then you may experience some starvation period as an agent. But when you make your clients people who are in the business of knowing and recommending others, you’ll never be short of clients.

The list of clients that could help you to a regular real estate client base includes attorneys, insurance persons, mortgage officers, and home inspectors. Since these people are always in touch with property buyers and sellers, they will be able to keep you busy all year round.

It’s not enough to just ask for the business. You must be as irresistible enough to persuade them as they may already have someone else working with them – except they are new in the business. Make sure you know what makes you a Standout Exceptional Agent.

Finally, whichever way you decide to escape starvation, you must be competent enough to keep customers, earn their trust, and most likely their referrals. To gain competency, you need to know what you are doing. Consider these top 5 classes you should take.

My book, The Standout Agent, will guide you through your starvation rate and how to survive the in-betweens. Don’t wait 12 years for that customer to come back around to you, if they even remember who you are by then.

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