3 Reasons Your Clients Retreat Before Your First Date

Have you ever had a potential client call you at an odd time of the day, excited about a property on your listing? They probably sounded like they were going to buy the property at your very first meeting. But they eventually folded their tents and never contacted you again the moment you responded to their inquiry.

Also, have you ever had a lead that stopped contacting you even before your very first meeting? And you are double sure you are professionally qualified and fortified as a real estate agent. Then, the problem could be any of these three things:

You Don’t Play Hard to Get

People don’t want to do business with people that don’t have a lot of business. Ask yourself, why would you do business with someone that no one else is working with? In the same way, clients prefer to transact with realtors who are ‘hard to get’ than the ‘readily available ones’. You’re wondering how this is possible because you don’t want to lose your clients.

Well, that potential client that called you about a house in your listing didn’t call you back because you immediately started telling them how free and empty your schedule is. Think of it, would you personally want to transact with a realtor who has an empty schedule? Does it not mean you have nothing to do because you do not know what to do? Clients will get scared and start to wonder why no one is working with you.

So, next time a potential client reaches out, let them fit into your schedule – even if it is still empty. They must not know that you’ve not had another client to show any house in weeks.

You Are Not Easy

Absolutely! Before a lead eventually becomes a client, they want to be sure they’re not walking into a complicated mess of contracts and payments. That said, buyers and sellers alike want to have real estate transaction processes made easy for them.

“There’s nothing so difficult here,” you think. But haven’t you been at your career for six months? Two years? Ten years? Well, your clients will likely only do real estate transactions once in years, or their entire life! And they are not used to it the way you are.

As an agent, your objective should be to simplify your processes to the barest minimum so that even new clients will find them very easy to understand and indulge. Doing this will also give you a competitive edge, and your competitors’ calls will start to divert to your phone.

You Fear Rejection

The reason you’re yet to convert the countless number of leads you have into clients is that you are so scared of being rejected. You get the first ‘no’ from a lead; you throw in the towel about closing a deal with them.

Well, if you are going to start making excellent sales, you’ll have to quit your fear of rejection. Other than ‘no’, what more can your client say or do to you? Nothing!

The truth is, each time you hear the word ‘no’, it means you are one step closer to a ‘yes.’ Read my The Standout Agent book to find out what I mean, so that next time you’re about to give up on a lead because of a ‘no’, you’ll push with the excitement of having that ‘no’ become a ‘yes’.

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