The Power of Your Business Card

You probably do not know this, but many of the people you meet everyday live with the American dream of being homeowners one day. These people will gladly welcome any real estate opportunity that presents itself to them.

That said, wouldn’t you be excited to know that you can advertise your business to a good number of people every day, without having to pay for any ad service? You will, and you’ll also be happy to know that the commonly trivialized business card can help you with this improvement.

Nevertheless, a business card that’s always sitting on your office or home table will make no significant difference to your business. The following tips should help you make the most of those cards.

Do Not Omit Vital Details

Your contact details, alongside the links to your social media handles, should not be missing on your business card. That single mom you met at the kids’ store may need to recommend an agent for her younger sister who wants to buy a house. But she might not be able to trust your services enough to reach out if she does not find a thing or two about you on the internet.

Also, do not compromise on the quality of your cards. Potential clients may find it hard to believe that your listing services are top-notch if you present an inferior quality card to them. People are also prompt to discard poorly-produced business cards but can keep a premium quality card even when they have no immediate needs for your services.

Make It Easy to Reach

Nothing can be more embarrassing than keeping someone you just met waiting as you struggle with squeezing your business card out of a ditch in your purse. If you’re even lucky to have them wait for the card, chances are that they’ll put it away as quickly as possible – probably into an unreachable part of their bags.

To make your business card distribution easy, always keep them in a pocket that is easy to reach. You want to be able to swipe it out of your purse without appearing awkward.

Share It Everywhere

After your real estate activities, you may want to face other activities squarely. This focus will work fine for you, but how about doing some farming as you walk down the street? Or better still, wouldn’t you love to increase your real estate market lead during your time at the spa or as you do some grocery shopping?

First, potential homeowners, buyers, and sellers are the regular people who visit the places you go every day. Secondly, you don’t have to pay any company for socializing and handing people your business card.

Do Five Each Day

Yep. Everyone who returns your warm gestures, or as much as responds to your greetings, should have your business card. You never know when they or the people close to them would require the services of an agent, and your card may be the nearest lead they’ll have at that point.

If, as a successful agent, you’re able to get up to 5 of your business cards to new persons each day, you’ll gradually increase your awareness and success rate. Within a short time, you’ll be surprised how popular your services will be.


In a nutshell, whether you’re a new agent or you’ve been in the business for a long time, your business card has the power to boost your success rate. Do not hesitate to wield this power to your advantage.

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