Are You Guilty of these 5 Mistakes Every Real Estate Agent Makes?

Are you guilty of these 5 mistakes that every real estate agent makes? We wake up every day with the right attitude and a positive mindset. We answer our phones, check emails and review transaction files all in an effort towards achieving goals that will make your life easier when they’re done! What could go wrong?

Unfortunately, a lot!

Maybe you have a daily checklist that you follow each and every day. We wear multiple hats, so we need to make sure we stay on track, and you are a rock star with achieving these items!

Maybe you are on the top of your game with your direct marketing. You have everything already planned and scheduled to mail out throughout the year to keep in touch with your database.

Maybe you spend time connecting through your social media. You have a social media strategy, are using hashtags, and respond to all your messages and posts in a timely fashion.

So, what could you be missing? Well, its actually too much for a blog posts, so I’ve put together a short e-book outlining these top 5 mistakes and what you can do immediately to correct them.

Are you guilty of these 5 mistakes that every real estate agent makes?

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