Why You Should Never Miss a Parade of Homes Tour

Home builders nationwide use the Parade of Homes tour as an opportunity to show off their newest homes and communities. These tours happen all over the country and you don’t want to miss one. You should never miss a Parade of Homes Tour so let me explain. Here’s a list of 3 reasons why a real estate agent should attend these tours and what benefits they offer.


One of my favorite things about touring new construction areas is seeing what trends are coming next. The builders spend so much time and money researching these hot topics before they create them, giving me a heads-up on all the newest features my buyers will be interested in!

Even if my buyer ends up looking at resale purchases, knowing these trends helps me share with them ways they can adapt their new house to these trends and styles.

More Inventory to Sell

Who needs more inventory? EVERYONE! One of the best ways to increase your inventory is to know what builders have currently plus what they can build. Keep a spreadsheet with each builder’s price range and location where they build. Do they build in communities only, or will they build on an individual piece of land? Do they allow customizations, or would the buyer have to stick to the builder’s floor plan?

Having this information up to date and handy could mean the difference between finding a house to sell the buyer or an endless search turning up empty in the MLS.

If you’re looking for more inventory ideas, check out this post.

A Connection for Other Opportunities

If a builder has a model center, and there is an agent in the model center working for the builder, chances are they only sell the builder’s new construction. So what happens when a customer comes in that needs to sell their house? And that’s where your connection comes in.

Be a resource for the model center’s agents to help them get their new construction sold. If they aren’t able to list the home for sale, wouldn’t you want them to know you? Think about it, are these agents in your database? If not, you could be missing key connections.


With the new trends and innovations in home design, you’ve got to get out there. The parade of homes tour is a great way for real estate agents to see what’s trending across the country. Plus, it will give you access to more inventory that can be sold at your listing leads are generated from visiting these events. We know how busy life gets so don’t worry about having time—just mark your calendar! Who knows? You might even find an up-and-coming trend before anyone else does!

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