5 Steps to Improve Your Real Estate Business in 90 Days or Less with no Cash!

Growing your real estate business can often feel like an uphill battle — especially when you don’t have the money or resources to take on a big marketing campaign. But, even if you’re short on cash and time, there are still plenty of ways to grow your real estate business without breaking the bank. Here’s how to improve your real estate business in less than 90 days with no money!

1. Pass Out Five Business Cards A Day –

Each day, make it a goal to pass out five business cards to people who you don’t already know. This is a great way to create new relationships quickly and efficiently! Remember that every person you meet could potentially be a prospective client down the line — so treat each person as such and make sure they remember you.

2. Call Past Clients & Contacts –

Dig through your phone contacts list and call past clients and contacts who may need your services in the near future. Remind them of who you are and what you do, as well as any special offers or packages that may be available for them. Don’t forget about past clients who may not have purchased anything from you yet but were interested — it never hurts to give them a gentle reminder about why working with you would be beneficial for them!

3. Visit Companies In Your Area –

If there are companies or organizations located near where you work, make sure to stop by and introduce yourself. Let them know what services you offer, how they can contact you if they need help buying or selling property, etc., and leave behind some of your business cards so they have a way of getting in touch with you later on if needed. You never know — one of these visits could lead to new business opportunities down the road!

4. Leverage Social Media –

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are powerful tools for growing your real estate business — even if it’s just for free! Take advantage of these platforms by engaging with potential customers, retweeting relevant content from other real estate agents or businesses in the industry, posting helpful tips related to buying or selling property, etc., all while making sure to include links back to your website whenever possible so people can find out more information about what services you offer.

5. Network With Other Professionals –

Last but not least, networking is key when it comes to growing your real estate business! Join local groups related specifically to real estate (such as REIN) or more general groups related to entrepreneurship (like EO). Go out of your way to meet other professionals in the industry and start building relationships with them — not only will this open up new opportunities for collaboration but it also helps get your name out there so more people know who you are and what services you offer!

In conclusion, improving your real estate business doesn’t have to be complicated — nor does it have cost hundreds (or thousands) of dollars upfront either! All it takes is some elbow grease and dedication; by passing out five business cards a day, calling past customers & contacts in your phonebook, making visits around town introducing yourself & offering services plus leveraging social media networks & networking with other professionals — all within 90 days—you can watch as success finds its way back into your life once again! So get started today – because tomorrow will always come too late!

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