3 Ways Investors Can Find Good Deals In Today’s Markets

Investing in real estate can be a lucrative and rewarding venture, but finding good deals is essential to success. In today’s markets, there are several ways investors can find those good deals. Foreclosures, divorce, and probate properties are all avenues for investors to explore. In this blog post, we will discuss the three ways investors can find good deals in today’s markets and where to find them.


Foreclosures occur when a homeowner defaults on their mortgage and the bank takes back their property. These properties are often sold for less than market value to recoup the money lost on the loan. Investors can find foreclosures by checking online listings, contacting local banks, or attending auctions. However, it’s important to do your due diligence before buying a foreclosure. Make sure you know the property’s condition, any liens or back taxes owed, and the neighborhood’s potential for growth.


Divorce can be a stressful time for individuals, but it can also open up investment opportunities. When couples divorce, they often need to sell their property to divide assets. These properties may be listed below market value or sold quickly to settle the divorce. Investors can find divorce properties by networking with divorce attorneys, real estate agents, and attending divorce auctions. When investing in divorce properties, be sensitive to the seller’s situation and work with them to make the sale as smooth as possible.

Probate Properties

When someone passes away, their assets are distributed through a legal process called probate. In some cases, the property may need to be sold to settle the estate. Probate properties may be listed below market value to expedite the sale. Investors can find probate properties by contacting local probate attorneys, attending probate auctions, or listing the property with a real estate agent specializing in probate sales. However, it’s important to be patient when investing in probate properties as the process can take several months.


Investing in real estate requires knowledge, patience, and a little bit of luck. By exploring foreclosures, divorce, and probate properties, investors can find good deals in today’s markets. However, it’s important to do your research and work with professionals to ensure a successful investment. As a real estate agent, it’s essential to stay informed about all avenues for finding good deals to provide the best service to your clients. With a little diligence, investors can find their next great investment opportunity.

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