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If you have taken the SFR Certification Course with Cynthia, here are the links she showcased in class. Don’t forget to use your coupon code that Cynthia gave you.

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31 reviews for Short Sale Foreclosure Resource Class Links

  1. Ashley E Collins

    Thank you

  2. Becky Orth

    Great course – lots of information in a short time period.

  3. Ronda Tackett (verified owner)

    Great Class!! Thank you very much!!

  4. Brenda Bradley

    Wonderfully Class

  5. Lisa Hink (verified owner)

    Definitely worth taking the time to hear! Very eye-opening, coming from a seasoned expert and packed with information.

  6. Del-Metrius Herron

    She is full of knowledge and a great instructor. I love the passion she has when she teaches

  7. Kimmy Ostrom

    Cynthia was very knowledgeable and professional. She made the course interactive which made the day go by fast and the pop quiz was competitive but fun. I also liked that she would answer participants questions towards the end of each cycle. Overall I enjoyed her class and felt I learned a lot.

  8. Kim Bischler (verified owner)

    WHY haven’t I done this sooner!!! Cynthia presents materials in a way that are EASY to follow and lots of opportunity to ask questions. Very relaxed and amazing presentation. Extremely excited to take other courses with her.

  9. Ahmad Abdul reda

    Excellent and informative Class and instructor performance

  10. Oneida Marti

    I really enjoy Cynthia’s seminaries because she takes them to a higher level through her professionalism, expertise, eloquence and passion. I never thought I can seat for almost 9 hours in front on my computer but she made it so easy!

  11. Karina Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Excellent Class. Cynthia is very professional! I highly recommend all of her classes.

  12. Juan Guzman (verified owner)

    Cynthia is perhaps one of the best instructors and Real Estate raw model for me. Her knowledge in this industry is admirable.

  13. Donna Testa

    Very good information. Thank you!

  14. Jennifer Burns (verified owner)

    Great class, a wealth of information. Thank you!

  15. Ingrid Rudolph (verified owner)

    Awesome class! Cynthia was very knowledgeable and on point. I am so happy we have the manual to reference–the class included a LOT of great information. I recommend SFR knowledge if nothing else.

  16. Donna Testa

    Thank you for the invaluable information Great class!

  17. Martha B Curcio

    Excellent Class, Cynthia is vey knowledgable, professional, great voice / easy to understand, will definitely recommend her & the class to my colleagues. Keep up the good work !!

  18. Sandra Lorenzo (verified owner)

    Excellent class with lots of information and insight that every Real Estate professional should consider taking it. Thank you Cynthia!

  19. Maria Downing (verified owner)

    Great class !! Thanks Cynthia

  20. Nesly Pierre (verified owner)

    Excellent Class, Thank you very much Cynthia!

  21. Cindy Ford

    I really enjoyed the hands on approach to learning short sales and more about people and how to interact during these type of transactions.

  22. Daniela Sabau

    Great class !! Cynthia is very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Thank you for the valuable information you provided.

  23. SERAP CARDAK (verified owner)

    Great class, amazing instructor! Very informative and useful information. Highly recommend it.

  24. Marylou Johnston

    Very knowledgeable and great class!

  25. Elana Flanigan (verified owner)

    Very knowledgeable! Answers questions , stays on topic. Highly recommend her classes!

  26. Melanie Hoffman

    Exceptional Information. Great Instructor.

  27. Leslie Haywood

    Your class was great!! I learned so so much! Thank you!

  28. Tricia Murray

    Wow, that was a lot of information. A great class, Thanks Cynthia!

  29. Lynn Nelson

    Absolutely phenomenal SFR Class for Certification today! This class will redirect my business and will help me to be successful.

  30. Neil Huthert (verified owner)

    I enjoyed having someone currently involved in the business. High energy and enjoyable class. Thank you Cynthia!

  31. Carlos Fornari

    I have trained people my all life, I can say that it shows how much Cynthia know what she teach, and teaching is excellent!!!

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