The High Heels Landlord

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How many times have you thought about enjoying financial freedom? What if I told you, as a woman, you can own rental properties and create financial wealth for yourself, your children, and your family? You could even pay for your child’s college education and your retirement. All of these things can be accomplished with real estate investment. Even if you know nothing, you can learn how to be a successful real estate entrepreneur—all while wearing high heels.

The High Heels Landlord gives clear, practical advice, from someone who’s been there and done it many times over. This book provides simple steps that you can put into action immediately, revealing the questions many beginner investors ask over and over, but with no-holds-barred personality. By following the real estate investment rules in this book, you will be on your way to becoming a true High Heels Landlord.

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What people are saying

“This book is an indispensable tool for the woman, (or man), who wants to become a successful landlord. It gives advice and answers questions about all aspects of the rental business, including real-life experiences.”  -Norm Wright, contractor, business owner and successful landlord

“A tell it like it is reference guide, for anyone interested in procuring financial freedom by establishing and maintaining a portfolio of investment properties.”  -Beverley Hibbert, Realtor and investor/landlord

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