90 Day Success Series

A great option to start your coaching experience is a weekly plan that outlines everything you need to do to create a solid business, all in less than 90 days!

In this coaching, you will receive weekly videos with key instructions to lead you to higher success.

A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power. – Brian Tracy

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One-on-One Coaching

Are you a Real Estate Broker or Associate struggling with getting to the next level? Cynthia DeLuca has coached hundreds of people in her career. Her goal is to enhance your career to meet your goals. By taking a look at your existing business and getting to know you, she customizes a plan just for you! Here’s what others have said about their Customized Coaching experience with Cynthia DeLuca:

I give my highest recommendation to Cynthia DeLuca as a real estate consultant and coach. As a broker of a small, independent real estate company, I have received incredible support, encouragement, and most importantly, useful and practical ideas to improve my company and take it to the next level. Her insight and experience have been indispensable in improving my business.


Cynthia has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and many unique ideas in the short time we have been working together! I absolutely love how she tailors the sessions to my goals. Having her as a coach has also helped to keep me motivated and on track as she provides me with deadlines that keep me accountable. She has been such an asset in such a short time, I’m really excited to continue working with her!


I found trying to write a testimonial for Mrs. DeLuca somewhat of a challenging task. The truth is a few words about Cynthia’s coaching program would not do it justice so I would like to share a bit of our history. I met Cynthia in a professional setting 17 years ago. She was opening her then brokerage firm Total Realty and I worked for the developer of the shopping center. Having worked with many real estate professionals I remember at that time thinking she was a breath of fresh air so in my mind there was no doubt that Total Realty would go on to be highly successful in the years to come. I would eventually move on and work for other developers and obtain my real estate licensure. Fast forward 17 years later, I was enrolled in an all-day certification class and when the instructor was introduced it turned out to be Cynthia. I was delighted that she was the instructor. The class was phenomenal and during the break, I took the opportunity to say hello and catch up briefly. You see at that time I was grappling with the idea to retire from developer work and focus on my very own brokerage firm. After the class and speaking with Cynthia I knew 100% that it was the direction I should go in. Therefore, when I learned (from Cynthia’s bio) that coaching and mentoring were available I jumped on the opportunity. What a fantastic opportunity it turned out to be. Cynthia’s coaching enabled our firm to take our brokerage to the next level including a focus on recruiting and retention to name a few. The program was specifically tailored to our firm’s needs. I must admit, the course work was challenging but with a friendly, fact-based, and safe environment approach. We could not be any happier and plan on future refresher sessions. If you are on the fence take the leap. You will not regret it!


Cynthia offers one-on-one coaching, customized to fit your goals and needs. Before you hire any coach, ask these top 5 questions to see if they are the right coach for you!

Top 5 Questions to Ask Any Coach Before Hiring Them

  1. Have you ever sold real estate and if so, how much?
  2. Have you ever managed a real estate company, or owned a brokerage?
  3. Will I get one-on-one individualized attention or be in a group coaching session?
  4. How will my coaching sessions be tailored to my goals and needs?
  5. Do you only take a limited amount of coaching clients one at a time, to ensure quality attention to me?

Don’t waste your time or money with a coach that can’t answer these 5 questions to your satisfaction!

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