3 Fundamental Signs You are a Standout Exceptional Agent

As a real estate agent, you may have been in the industry for decades and already have your business flourishing. You network just fine, you sell one or two properties now and then, and your broker may be superb.

But is ‘the average’ going to achieve your dreams in the long run? If no, then taking your performance a notch higher will begin with having an idea of your current capacity as an agent.

However, it is only typical to think that being exceptional in real estate has everything to do with how long you’ve been in it. Experience can not be overlooked, but some other things tell better of your competence as a real estate agent:

  1. You are a Master of Your Why

Without dispute, every real estate agent should know why they do what they do. You must have been able to answer questions like: why did you choose real estate? Why did you venture into real estate at this time? And why are you putting your all into this business?

Your reasons could be that real estate has been your dream job, or you’ve always longed to be the master of your time. But whatever your why may be, your performance as an agent will hinge significantly on it. That said, knowing your why isn’t enough. You have to keep it handy and also center on it at every point.

The truth is: just as with every other job, you’ll experience difficult times as a real estate agent. Your response and reactions in those times will speak volumes of your exceptionality. And your why is the driving factor behind everything you do as an agent – both in good and bad times.

  • You Set SMART Goals

It is entirely okay to dream big and set huge goals. Goals help you achieve milestones, but mountain-sized plans do not, by themselves, show how good an agent you are. The crucial thing about goal-setting is setting it SMART. This is also a sign that you are not a run-off-the-mill agent.

How specific are your goals? Are they measurable? Achievable? Relevant? And timely as touching your real estate career? If they are, then you’re no doubt an extraordinary agent.

But if your goals are not specific enough for you to act on them, they’ll probably never go beyond the margins of your journal. And most importantly, if they are not relevant to your why, budget, and time, they may become problematic sources of distraction for your real estate business.

  • You are a Smart Professional

Being 20 years in the real estate industry is not a guarantee that you’ll make an exceptional agent. Sadly, not every agent is aware of this fact. Trends change now and then, and only a smart professional can discern and adjust effortlessly to these changes.

Being a smart professional means developing and fortifying yourself with relevant knowledge. When you take the time to improve your professional capacity in real estate, you become better at carrying out your job. You’ll also have a more significant edge over other agents around you.

Being a smart professional indicates that you are extraordinary because it gives your clients reasons to choose you over your fierce competitors. If knowledge is power, then having that power places you at an advantage. 

But be careful about the oversight that comes with self-development. It is not limited to bagging a license or a certificate – as is commonly thought. Self-development never ends – even for the duration of your career.

My book, The Standout Agent, will throw more light into ways by which you can elevate your self-development as an agent.

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